Ten Things That Make My Life Better

  1. My reading glasses. Coming to terms with them at age forty wasn’t easy but then again, neither was reading small print.
  2. My coffee pot. I used to buy my coffee. Two lattes a day. That’s $2920 a year in coffee. Now I buy Genovese, and make it myself. That costs me about $400 and I get it exactly the way I like it.
  3. The weather app on my phone. What? No way. The travelling radar soothes the storm chaser in me. You never know when the thunder and lightning might hit but you do with the weather app.
  4. Phillip Adams on Late Night Live. Smart, funny, wise, cynical and makes complicated world events and ideas easy to understand for my small brain.
  5. Scrivener. I used to write my novels on Word. Word is an unstable bitch who shits her pants if the document is over 50,000. Scrivener is cool, calm and collected. If you write, use this and if you ignore me and your Word doc dies and you lose everything, don’t say I didn’t warn you.
  6. Dark chocolate Tim Tams. Sweet but not cloying. You don’t binge on them because they’re dark chocolate and they’re excellent with coffee or tea.
  7. To Do Lists. I like them on paper. I like them on a list pad like this. I like to clip them to the day in my diary. I like to tick them off.
  8. My Kindle and iBooks app. You can download a sample and if you like it then buy the book. You get more incidental reading done when you have your books with you. I read while waiting in lines, in the car, anywhere really. Smart and handy.
  9. Facebook. What? I know, I must be one of the few who don’t hate it but I love being able to reconnect with old friends, friend in far away places, share information and support. I see more kindness online that I do nasty crap.
  10. Blogging. This blog. It’s my morning pages, or in the case, afternoon pages. It’s my place to explore, complain and confess. It’s my diary and I’ll write how I want to!


Happy weekend to you. xx


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