Last night I went to bed feeling desperate about my life, situation, relationships, future and my take on reality and denial of the issues clashed thunderously as I hid under the covers.

When I woke the morning, after dreaming of departed friend for the third time in as many weeks, I knew the truth was somewhere in between.

It is neither bad nor good. It just is.

My plan for the future? I’ve decided to wait it out.

Waiting it out is a good thing because things work out in weird ways.

I’ve been doing a Facebook positivity challenge- writing three positive things each day.

I will admit I’ve had to dig deep to find the gems.

Today I have to write 5000 words to meet a deadline. Today sucks giraffe balls. Today I don’t plan on wearing a bra nor a smile.


That’s a story for another day.

Do you want me to cheer you up? Here is a picture of my dogs who sit behind me when I write. Charlotte is sticking her tongue out indignantly for the invasion of my camera. Bert doesn’t give a shit. Or maybe he can’t see me due to his fluffy face?


Do you want to cheer me up now?

The world feels so turgid. My Dad said we are living in the time of the Crusades but in reverse. I think he is right. Nothing good will come of all this religious war.

I feel like we need an excursion to a maternity ward to look at all the new babies, and smell their heads and have their little fingers grasp our fat sausage fingers. We should whisper to them to be brave and strong and when in doubt, wait it out.

Peace to you, my friends and may the sun soon shine on your side of the street.






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  1. Greetings from New York where my world is in a flurry and has stood stil! Seen the slums and drank cocktails. Life is like that xxx

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