War in 140 characters or less


I’ve been thinking about the world and it’s current state of crazy. The atrocious murder of James Foley at the hands of ISIL, two young men dead in Ferguson and now riots, then Obama playing golf afterwards. People on Twitter are calling him ‘President Vineyard’, as he’s holidaying in Martha’s Vineyard during this shitstorm.

Who is advising him? Britney Spears?

‘Just pretend like it never happened, Barry. It’s all G.’

David Cameron left his holiday to return to the UK to discuss the situation with Iraq, Syria, and British passport holding terrorists.

Obama played golf. Bad move dude. All the world saw it on social media.

It’s not that I think he meant it maliciously but it’s thoughtless. Too many people saw that video of James Foley’s extraordinary bravery, and too many people are being threatened in Ferguson.

Social media is a killer.

It kills careers, reputations, theories, rumours, lives and spirits.

It also exposes the truth, the reality, the lies, the acts of bravery and brilliance, it shares information and incites change.

Much of what is going on in the world is because of social media.

The Arab Spring’s across Arab countries that has pushed for change and accountability with dictatorships, has also had devastating results.

Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia and Libya all lost their leaders.

Many protestors and bystanders have lost their lives.

And Twitter is the major conduit of information sharing in these countries, because it’s fast, immediate and brutal in tdelivery of the message. 140 characters with which to start a war.

ISIL have an extremely sophisticated social media strategy, with barbaric outcomes.

To track the jihadists down, to find them and to eradicate them, then social media will be the answer as much as it is the reason. Maybe these dickwads will check themselves into their training camp on Foursquare? Every chance they will. The narcissism and self importance of their caliphate mission will trip them up, and they will over share and overreach in their mission to be the next version of LOLZ MUZLIMS.

I do feel sorry for all the Muslims who are just living their life, doing their thing. The Indonesian president said that the ISIL ‘tards are ’embarrassing’ to Islam and called upon Muslim leaders to wipe out the extremists.

And now ISIL has started to urge Ferguson protestors to embrace radical Islam.

Yep. You read it right.

People claim we are about to have another world war.

Guess what Luddites? The war has already begun and the invisible weapons of mass destruction are here. Hashtags can be bullets, a Youtube video of a murder can have the effect of a bomb felt around the world, Instagram photos are a minefield of wounded children and jubilance at the heartbreak.

I don’t have any answers. I just sit in my supposedly ‘safe’ country, knowing the next round of fire will come through on the feeds of my phone, and my way of escaping it is to put my phone down.

I wish I did have the answers, I wish the world would use the power of information for good. I wish for peace.











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