One of my skills is being able to throw a rockin’ party. It stems from my luscious Taurus sensibilities, insisting on having excellent food and music, and making sure I enjoy my own event.

Is there anything worse than a sour faced host? The one who starts to clean up after midnight as a jarring reminder to guests to go home, and soon?

On Saturday night I had over 100 people for a party at my house. I haven’t had such a big party since my first book launch and even though this party wasn’t for me, I was happy to host. I love being a hostess!

The dance floor was rarely vacant, the food was devoured, the drinks flowed, and love was in the air.

I haven’t laughed that much in a long time, and in the morning, I had what I called, disco legs, after being on my feet for too many hours.

I hit my bed at 4.30am, after cleaning up post guest departure. I can’t handle waking up to a mess and trust me, there was mess.

Here are my tips for throwing an ace party:

  1. Great music is a must. Mix it up. Don’t just play your weird edgy indy music. Throw in some Hall and Oates, Kylie, early Madonna. People will dance, trust me.
  2. Have food. Not stupid cheese platters, but real food. I had dim sims, which might sounds trés bogan, but those little suckers went in a New York minute.
  3. Put away your special things. Be relaxed about the things that are still left out.
  4. Have lot’s of conversation areas. People drink and then tell spill their secrets. Comfy chairs are a must.
  5. Alcohol at the ready and water on tap.
  6. Get in and enjoy yourself. Seriously. Talk, dance, laugh, eat, drink, relax. Your guests will relax if they see the host is chilling.
  7. If someone offers to help, give them a small task, such as putting a tray of peanuts on a table, and then say a profuse thank you at the end of the night. It’s your job to make your guests feel special.
  8. If someone bring champagne, open it. Christ, is there anything ruder than putting away the good stuff that guests bring, and making them drink cat piss?
  9. Chill out if someone breaks something or drops a spinach pie on the rug, be cool. It’s a rug, or a glass, no one really cares about those things in the long run, what the guest will remember is if you made them feel crap about the accident.
  10. When introducing people to each other, name their best qualities to the other person. “This is Jonah, who is an ace disco dancer and is a rampant cinephile. This is Dora, who is a sexy bitch, who knows how to put a styling outfit together.”

And the rest will all fall into place.

Happy Monday lovers!


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