Flowers and other things

Yesterday I went to a funeral. It was in a beautiful Greek Orthodox church, filled with icons and gold leaf, ornate carvings, and hand painted frescos of daisies. The daisy is a symbol of the virgin mother and baby Jesus’s innocence and purity.

I have always liked the daisy. I had daisies decorating our wedding cake. (See below.)  It was chocolate and beautiful and I kept the top layer with my mother for safekeeping, so Dave and I could have it upon our return from the honeymoon, except my father had eaten it. All of it.


The word daisy derives from the Old English dægesege, from dæges eage ‘day’s eye,’ because the petals open at dawn and close at dusk.

It s also the symbol of Freya, the Norse God of Love.

Recently I watched You’ve Got Mail, which is a fun romantic comedy and with a cracking script from Nora Ephron. Greg Kinnear gets some great lines, and his scene with Jane Adams is hilarious but I remembered this moment.




I would have called my daughter Daisy except I’d already used it on my dog, who was the most un-daisy dog in the world, so I had to resort to another flower name, Tansy, which is equally as gorgeous. You can never go wrong with a flower name for a girl.

This is Daisy the dog. See what I mean? Not a Daisy.


And this is Tansy, wearing a daisy chain. She is not a daisy either. That face is pure Tansy.


And now I’m finished. An odd post today, I’m sorry. I just wanted to to write about daisies. There could be worse things to write about.

Perhaps it’s in celebration of the new season. As the proverb says, ‘Spring has come when you can put your foot on three daisies.’







4 thoughts on “Flowers and other things”

  1. Lovely
    I just sent my v v missed girlfriend in the UK a picture of wattle blooming under a huge gum tree that I saw on my walk today

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