Life and death

When someone you love is dying, you must take time out. Time out from the worry and the tears and the helplessness. Time out from your house, the people around you, from the phone, especially the phone.

Inspired by Bill Cunningham’s quote, ‘Those who seek beauty, will find it,’ I walked around my streets this afternoon, listening to Mozart and tried not to openly sob. Slowly, my eyes stopped looking at the ugliness, skimming over the rubbish in the streets, the broken glass, the piles of suitcases and broken chairs on the nature strips, and instead I saw beauty in the darkness of the day.

Those who seek beauty, will find it.



8 thoughts on “Life and death”

  1. I am glad you found some beauty. Well you decided to find some beauty and that takes courage. It’s easier to focus on the ugly and how unfair everything can be and how fucking same same the outside world is when everything for you will never be the same. Xox

  2. Feeling for you Kate. I’m going through a very similar situation and am also trying to find a little peace, calm and beauty in the sadness, pain and unfairness. It keeps us sane. Love to you and yours xo

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