Cake Days

This mess is what happens when I bake. My daughter asked me if I was cooking up a hurricane. She’s a smart arse.

I am not a baker, nor a candle stick maker for that matter but if my headspace is clear enough, and my heart chakra open, I can bake.

On Friday morning I had a reiki session which was lovely and wise and thought provoking and in the afternoon, I was given a session of healing with an incredible woman who dust-busted my soul and changed my outlook.

I cannot change the situation but I can change my response.

From this chaos…


Came this cake.


Make the best of it, I say. Even when a hurricane hits your life, make the best of it and eat cake.



4 thoughts on “Cake Days”

  1. Hi Kate,

    When my Mum died, it seemed to set off a chain reaction. For approx 6 months a friends parent or family member died every week! Seriously, I would become jubilant when 7 days had passed only to receive a call the following day announcing the latest person to pass away. One friend lost both of his parents, a really crazy time.

    I thought I would go insane, it was too much to bare. Especially on top of being pregnant for the first time, with severe hormonal mental fucked upness – that’s the technical term 😉 and an abusive partner… I thought that bad things had to stop happening/get better for me to be able to cope.

    A dear friend pointed out that this was beyond my control (the future and what it held). Some how this helped me accept the losses, whilst sad and painful I could move forward. Letting go of my need to control the things that were not in my control. Desiderata and all that shit The longer we live the more loss/sadness we’ll endure, as well as – hopefully the joy etc.

    I hope that this makes some sense, if not, just know that I wish you well.

    Inga xx

    1. That makes sense. It’s also the age I’m at now. Parents getting ill, children leaving home etc. Ending everywhere so new things can bud. Doesn’t make it easy though. Goodbyes are always hard. xx

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