Best Films in Black and White (According to Me)


1) Manhattan

Before the kiddy fiddling furore, Manhattan was a regarded as a classic. It’s still a pleasure to watch, because the dialogue is so damn funny, and there are lines like this.

Isaac Davis: They probably sit around on the floor with wine and cheese, and mispronounce allegorical and didacticism.

Also there is a young Meryl Streep, looking so beautiful in her scenes, and the best opening with Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue playing and Woody trying to describe New York.

2) Swing Time

When I was a child, these movies were my crack. I couldn’t get enough of old films, and a Fred and Ginger musical was the kippers knickers. I’ve always like this one, just because they were both so smooth when they danced.

3) The Third Man

British film noir, with Joseph Cotton and Orson Welles. Spooky, clever, paranoid and brilliant. Just watch it for the Orson Welles monologue on the Swiss Cuckoo clock.

4) Rebecca

I adore this book, and was happy to find out the film adapted by Alfred Hitchcock didn’t stray too far and captured the tense creepiness of it all.

5) The Ghost and Mrs Muir

I love this film so much. It always makes me laugh and cry. Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison are perfect at sparring and flirting. Ah, so, so good.

6) Some Like It Hot

You know why this is perfection, and if you don’t, it’s time you found out.

7)Roman Holiday.

The end makes me cry. The rest makes me smile. Audrey has never been more charming, and Gregory Peck more handsome.

8) Sabrina

I know, it’s cheeky to have two Audrey movies on a list but she is so lovely and Bogart is a terrific unlikely prince.

9) All About Eve

Bette being fierce, Marilyn making an early film debut and a whip smart script by Joseph L. Mankiewicz. What more do you want?

10) The Philadelphia Story

Grant, Stewart, Hepburn. The Transcendent Trio of Acting.




6 thoughts on “Best Films in Black and White (According to Me)”

  1. A (much older) girl after my own heart – I love every one of these movies too, corny and all as they may be but they don’t make movies like they used to. Fred dancing with Ellenaore Powell was also fab. Loved all the clips

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