The Perfect Christmas

What’s the idea of your perfect Christmas? Is it with family? Or with your best friend in a city that does Christmas better than any other city in the world?

If the latter is you, then you will enjoy my new story – The Perfect Christmas. If you’re in the UK and Europe, you can get a copy on your Kindle or Ebook reader.



I loved writing this story. It made me wish for Christmas to arrive sooner. An Australian Christmas is very different with the hot weather and salads on the table but the sentiment is still the same.

Love, family, and friendship should always be celebrated and Christmas, regardless of your religious beliefs is a wonderful time to tell someone you love them, help someone and be kind because everyone has things going on in their life that are difficult.

There’s no such thing as a perfect life but you can have a perfect Christmas. Just add joy and the rest will take care of itself.





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