Silly Mid On, Silly Mid Off

Yesterday I finished an intense freelance project that was nearly seven days a week for a month. I would wake up thinking about it, and go to sleep with mental notes of what to fix, include, edit. Yesterday it finally was delivered at 4.31pm, after back and forth phone calls and emails most of the afternoon with the lovely client to ensure all was done to perfection.

Afterwards, I showered until the hot water ran out, then to watch my son play cricket, where I saw him get five wickets from six overs, with only two runs made by the other team during his bowling spell.

It was so exciting and fun to be a part of, and the Universe delivered me there at the right time to see the action.

I have mentioned before that I have been meditating most days for the last six weeks. It is astonishing to see the shift in my mind. Even though this last three weeks has been filled with a huge workload, intense book edits, cancer, VCE exams, 18th birthday parties, juggling issues, unhappy loved ones and concern, I have never felt more intuitive.

The corralling of the mind has allowed me to focus on what matters, and empty my thought trash every time I do a meditation.

Three times this week I have felt my intuition rise to tell me what’s happening in my world. Twice were sort of shitty to be honest which isn’t what I wanted to hear but one, the one that mattered was the feeling I should go and watch my kid play cricket. I don’t usually go, as it’s cold and long and I think I have latent ADD but yesterday I arrived and within ten minutes he had a hat trick.

Then two more wickets and bam, the kid owned his moment.

When the two shitty intuitive moments arose this week, I was kind of pissed off at the world not giving me good stuff to intuit. Then I thought that’s the issue with the world, we only want to be the good stuff. ‘Don’t tell me if it’s bad,’ is something I hear when I do birth charts or tarot.

Balance is everywhere, we just have to know where to look. If I had sat in my house yesterday, stewing over all the crap stuff, and complaining about the tiredness from the work, I would have missed watching my kid be ace. I would have missed the hot shower joy, and the self-worth in a job well done.

There is no good or bad. There just is. Let  it be.

Smile, love, breathe, laugh, breathe, listen, breathe, be kind, breathe, work, breathe, serve others, breathe, help, breathe, learn, breathe, let go, breathe. Rinse. Repeat.


2 thoughts on “Silly Mid On, Silly Mid Off”

  1. Thank you Kate, this is the perfect reminder for me to put the time back into meditation more often… I’ve been getting a bit slack and halfarsed with it of late… so cool you notice the difference AND that you got to watch boy be ACE! x

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