Keep moving

Back in March, my daughter broke her foot, which doesn’t seem like a big deal, sure it’s a pain but people have broken feet all the time, right?

Except my kid can’t use crutches due to another physical injury, so she was literally stranded, like a mermaid in a moon boot.

As I am the mother, and all things end up in our laps, it was up to me to help her navigate her the realities of the broken bone. Wheelchairs, scooters, doctors, physio’s and so on.

In retrospect, the broken foot actually changed everything for the better. It forced her to study. Day in and day out, she rocked her boot and her books. It forced her to decide what to put her energy into. It forced her to see what was in front of her instead of blindly rushing ahead.

Yesterday she finished her high schooling. There was a time throughout the year when I thought she wouldn’t get there but she did and what what was the worst thing when she fell down a flight of marble stairs, ended up being the best thing.

A broken foot or leg is about direction in life. The chance to take a new path and transform yourself.

Sometimes things happen that are awful, painful and difficult, so difficult you require a moon boot and a mobility scooter to get through it but something good can come from it if you get over the initial shock.

And to be honest, I am relieved that her secondary schooling is over. It wasn’t easy. From the first day of leaving her in kindergarten, to the last day when I picked her up after her last exam, it’s been challenging, particularly the last three years.

When she was five, her kindergarten teacher said to me that my daughter was waiting to be 18, that her childhood was like a long drawn out punishment of sorts. Her humour was beyond her age, her experiences were beyond her age, and perspective was wiser, more cynical. Seven surgeries in five years will do that to you.

It was the best insight any teacher ever gave me about my puzzle of a kid.

A sigh of relief was heard in my house yesterday. She did it. It’s done. She finished what she started.

Of course Neptune went direct yesterday, after months of being in reverse. Finally we can swim again, get into the flow and move forward. It’s all as it should be, even the hard parts.

With love and relief,











2 thoughts on “Keep moving”

  1. Hi Kate. I can hear your heart swell with pride, as it should. What a wonderful achievement it is to finish school. It only really seems like yesterday it was us. A hearty congratulations to your daughter for her hard work and dedication, not to mention perseverance through what sounds like a tricky injury. Lovely to hear about your son’s cricket success too! 🙂

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