When walking through hell, keep walking.


This is my gorgeous brother Fred. 

Last Monday he was rushed to hospital for 3cm of fluid around his heart and a mass in his lungs.  By Wednesday he had surgery to drain the heart and get a lung biopsy.

On Friday morning he was told he had a serious form of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma but he told the doctor’s he needed to leave to visit our father, who had Pancreatic Cancer with Liver Secondaries. 

On our way to see our dad, who lives three hours away, our beloved father died. We were only 30 mins from his bedside and devastated to not be with him at the end.

Yesterday, Fred was told he has a rare and aggressive form of cancer called Burkitt’s Lymphoma. It is Stage 4b. The tumours double every 24 hours.


Fred will now be in hospital indefinitely as he starts an intense regime of chemotherapy for months, while on life support in ICU for part of that time.

He has tumours throughout his body, in his head which has taken the sight of one eye, in his chest, stomach and bone marrow.

He has given me what little money he had for our father’s funeral next week, which he cannot attend due to doctor’s orders.

Since he will no longer work, and has expenses in care, I would love to raise some money for him to ensure some quality of life during treatment. Thank you for reading this and any help you give will be received with gratitude, and paid forward when he recovers.

To help him and us, can you please consider a donation at – http://www.gofundme.com/fredsfund

13 thoughts on “When walking through hell, keep walking.”

  1. Kate, I am crying here. What a beautiful man – this is so unfair. I hope Fred can get some restorative rest in the knowledge he is loved by his family and your pals have his back. Kate – look after yourself in this harsh time.

  2. Oh my god Kate. I am so, so sorry. My husband had aggressive non-hodgkins too, they caught it early. I watched my stepdad die from pancreatic cancer. Oh I’m so sorry, my heart goes out to you so much right now. xxxx

  3. Kate,I am so sorry to hear this awful news. I do not know you but I read your story from a linked post via Edenland……the power & beauty of the media eh,the sisterhood at its best? My love,thoughts,prayers and positive vibes are winging their way to you &your family from the UK. Xxxxxx

  4. So sorry for what your family is going through. I have messaged you on fb with some info Fred may need (will be in the ‘Other’ folder). Lymphoma is a steep learning curve. Good luck to all of you. xx

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