What’s happening in your world?

 I am sort of dreading Christmas lunch. My father always carved the turkey and ham, wore multiple Christmas hats and would negotiate the swapping of Bon-Bon trinkets like he was heading up an arms deal. He will be missed.

One day at a time. Sometimes even on hour. I said to a girlfriend yesterday, ‘I’m not feeling it this year, in fact I even wished I was Jewish, or a Jehovah’s Witness, except they can’t travel in a coupé.’ (This is a true fact.)

I just can’t deal with the yuletide riptide this year. It’s pulling me out and I’m tired of treading water.

I have a new book contract that I have to fulfil, and my idea is simmering inside me, which feels odd, due to my ridiculous life at the moment. Writing was always an escape. Never more have I needed to hide than right now. That considered, this new book should be my pièce de résistance.

Tomorrow I am braving the market to see friends for coffee and madness, then I will push people out-of-the-way for access to prawns and oysters and maybe surreptitiously kick a few for shits and giggles.

Yes I’m an asshole. Deal or get out of the way.

Right now? I’m off to see Fred this morning, who has requested protein drinks and tea. We will wait for the blood results to come in to see if he can come home for Christmas Day. Fingers crossed.

Peace out, little humbugs.


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