Lady Gaga does the dishes.





WORST : I loathe this colour on Emma. I also loathe the beading. Not often she gets it wrong but this is wrongsville in my book






WEIRDEST: Lady Gaga is either about to do the dishes or worried about catching something.



FIERCEST: Scar-Jo in Versace and a pompadour.






TRYING: Solange Knowles in palazzo pants and a train.



AGE PERFECTION: Meryl in whatever. She looks comfortable and happy.






WORST IDEA: This neckline on Felicity Jones.





MOST IMPROVED: Rosamund Pike in a beautiful shape from Givenchy. Bad shoes.



BEST: Margot Robbie. I love everything about this look, most of all the simplicity.



TRYING: Is she at everything nowadays? I know he’s nominated but she’s trying so hard to become something and it’s becoming trying.




BEST:  Jennifer Hudson in butter.




PRETTY GOOD: Reese in something simple but I wonder if it’s comfortable.




GUILTY: Of wearing a shocker of a dress. Bad fit, bad colour and bad shape.



DEJA VU: How many of these dresses does she own? Or does she always look the same?


AGE APPROPRIATE: Chloe Grace Moretz, in Miu Miu. She’s eighteen and should be having fun with fashion. It’s something I would have adored at eighteen.




87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

BORING: Jessica Chastain in something that she borrowed from the closet of politican’s wife.




87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

SAME: J-Lo in the same shade of everything she always wears. Fifty Shades of Copper.


87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

BLESSED: Keira’s dress says “Baby on board” in French.


87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals


WHAT’S HAPPENED? – The shoes and the dress aren’t talking to each other. Why didn’t Keith tell her, as they were straightening their hair together?


4 thoughts on “Lady Gaga does the dishes.”

  1. Thank you for spot on commentary and sharing! I think Emma did a last minute dash to Jennifer Aniston’s place to borrow a dress! Margot smouldering sex on legs. Jennifer Hudson loving that colour and frock. Reese looks like she needs a good sleep – but nice frock and Keira’s is floaty lovely if a tiny bee’s dick dull – rest are big disappointments to me – keep it coming Kate!

  2. Margot Robbie looked sensational – so glad she’s gone back to being a blonde. I don’t think that she could have pulled off this look as a brunette. However the more I look at the necklace she’s wearing, the more I dislike it – I know it’s worth $1.5 million but to me it looks like something you see on a mannequin in an Opp Shop window at around Melbourne Cup time.
    I didn’t even recognise Jennifer Hudson at first – she looks stunning and the colour suits her perfectly.
    Reese looked good however I did get a sense of deja vu – didn’t she recently wear something very similar but without the black band thing at the top?
    Boring the 2 Js…….Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez – both so attractive, why do they stick to the same outfits again and again…
    So disappointed with Lupita – last year she looked great at every event -now very hit and miss.
    Laughed at your comment about Lady Gaga – so true all she really needed was a dishmop and a bottle of Morning Fresh to complete the look.

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