How to feel better about life


  1. Whatever is going on in your life right now, chances are you have seen or felt something similar. While the circumstances are different, the feeling the situation evoke are same. What is important to remember is that you got through it once, you will get through it again. Remember this. You will get through whatever you are experiencing right now because you’ve done it before even if you don’t realise it right now. Death, heartbreak, worry, and so on. It all ends. No feeling is final.
  2. Spend time with small children. Little people don’t sweat the small stuff. They don’t understand the complication we add to life. Sit at a small table, on a small chair, colour in, play tea parties, hold a baby, and be reminded to stay present in each second. The past doesn’t matter and the future hasn’t happened yet. ‘Stay here’, they say. Listen to them. Be here now.
  3. Watch scenes from the funniest movies you know. YouTube them and sit in bed watching them until you feel a smile creep onto your lovely face. Just a smile. It’s a reminder for your body that you can, and will smile again.
  4. Look at the love around you. Are you having a hard time? Are people being kind? Do friends call or text? Does a family member call in and bring you soup? Flowers dropped off by the front door? That’s love. You are loved. It’s a good thing.
  5. Go deeper into yourself. What a wanky phrase, right? But it’s true. Many of us spend out lives living in the shallows of life, scared to go deeper into what we are feeling but that is where the jewels are. Those bright, shiny flashes of awareness and peace about the situation. The deeper the well, the better the water. Don’t push the pain away, feel it, acknowledge it, do the work. Rise to the top.
  6. Look at where you were five, ten, twenty years ago. What have you learned? How far have you come? What have you fixed? Improved? Let go of? Be kind. You have done well so far and will continue to do so. You are amazing. I mean that, you are!
  7. There is a Chinese proverb If you want change in your life, move 27 things. This is a Feng Shui tip for becoming unstuck in life. 27 is a powerful Yang number. You kill two imaginary birds with one stone when you follow this advice. You shift the energy and an organised space. Start with the junk drawer and work up.
  8. Make your bed. Years ago my psychiatrist said to me, ‘Even if you do nothing else all day, at least make your bed. That way when you go to bed at night, you can at least say – “Hey, I made the bed!’ ” Small wins people, small wins.
  9. Look at photos of a happy time and think to the hard time you had before it, you see? You got through that and you will get through this. There are happy times coming again. I promise.
  10. Ask for help or advice or company. Sometimes life is such a crapfest we can’t get one foot in front of another. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it is a brave thing to do, and guess what? People want to help. They will cook you a pasta bake, or tell you what they would do in your situation, or pick up your kids from school or remind you that you’re a good egg. Ask and you will get some serious help. People are ace. They lift buses off toddlers and push trains away from stuck commuters. Don’t assume you aren’t worthy of help. The only one who thinks that is you, not us.

En avant!



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