An Evening At Home With Me

For those who know me personally, I live a very, very glamorous life. Yes, there are many blogs that give you a glimpse into their lives. Well styled photos of perfectly appointed homes, with huge bowls of lemons on the benches just in case a beloved family member comes down with scurvy or thrombosis.

Tonight I share a little moment of my life.

Trigger warning – jealousy

Daphne the Rabbit in her new McMansion, modified by my brother Fred. She has been up and down so many times today, she’s exhausted, hence the loaf position.


Making pancakes for my brother at 8pm at night, after making pumpkin soup and chicken curry today. He is an eating machine.


Charlotte sneaking into the kitchen looking like she is going to hold me at knife point for a pancake.


Pancakes on the hob. I don’t actually have a hob, I just wanted to use that term. What even is a hob?


My washing waiting to be folded. I’m hoping that the magic fairy will do it, or Dave. So far, no magic.


Did you want a toasted cheese sambo with your blood thinning injection?


The cricket trophy won by the boy kid yesterday. He looks like he’s taking a call on his iphone while bowling.


A crabapple sitting on a heat pack. Daphne the rabbit likes them. A dirty tea towel in situ. The boy’s lucky four leaf clover that he had in his pocket for the cricket grand final. The dog licking his own nether regions in the background  was proudly brought to you by Bert.


Glam huh? Now you see why all the glossy mags and cool home blogs are banging down my door for an editorial.

I thought I would do the right thing and share it with you first.

Feel free to repost. I know my life is so inspiring!

En avant!





4 thoughts on “An Evening At Home With Me”

  1. Lovely to read and see a realistic post on what a home looks like. Every now and then I torture myself by reading British magazine “25 Beautiful Homes”. Love looking at the pictures of gorgeous houses (e.g. owned by Rupert “a hedge funds manager” and his wife Anna who has a little business importing expensive fabrics from her native Sweden “the house is our weekend bolt hole so we can recharge after a hectic week in London….we also have a holiday property in the South of France…) however, depending on my mood, it can make me feel quite dissatisfied with my home which can be best described as eclectic in decor. But at least my home has a casual (very casual…) feel to it.

    1. You make me laugh! That’s exactly how those mags read. Reality check people! Nothing wrong with my coffee mugs from the $2. I bought them because I liked the pattern and am constantly being asked where to get them. I don’t lie, and people are surprised to say the least.

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