What are you doing?

I’m watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Laugh out loud funny. Too many words are starting to enter my vocabulary. ‘Buuddy.’


I watched Nightcrawler. It was a spooky, crazy film about the media and tabloid style news. ‘If it bleeds it leads’ kind of content. Jake Gyllenhaal was good, Rene Russo was excellent. If you’re a news junkie, then this is for you.


Listening to Kendrick Lamar – this is a good un. 

I’m reading the new words for my new book. My new book Picture Perfect is out now!

Picture Perfect

I’m working on some fun freelance projects.


I’m looking after myself after a crazy twelve months of grief and caregiving. Now I’m self-caring and it’s nice, it really is.

self care

Burning Cassia Bark candles from Bequeath and Bestow in Gardenvale. Such a gorgeous shop.


Wearing this top from Zara and enjoying my hippy styling. 


Cooking lamb shanks.


What’s happening in your world?


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