Open the gate and walk through

An intense week with the past and the future colliding, and me deciding to withdraw from all to the Batcave, which is the only place for a Taurus to hide during a full moon in Scorpio.

It was an extraordinarily bad news week, with executions in Bali, causing an outpouring of opinion from both perspectives, the Nepalese earthquake and riots in America over Freddie Gray’s murder.

There came a point this morning when I found myself defending the joy over the new baby Princess Cambridge that I decided to close my personal Facebook page. I don’t like myself on Facebook. I’m hopeless at staying out of shit, defending people and their right to have an opinion, and when complex things are going on in the world, I see the worst in people but most of all in myself.

There was so much Facebeef (as my daughter calls it) went on this week, with online screaming matches about the executions in Bali and Royal babes and to top it all off, an online bullying campaign towards someone I know from other grown women. Adults women who tell their own children not to bully, and then name call and troll online.

My children don’t use Facebook for anything more than event invites, photographs, and group messages. They said that adults arguing on Facebook is so embarrassing. I think they’re right. I don’t want to argue in real life let alone online, so I’m out! Once the FOMO settles, I will be fine and I figured there has to be a better way of communicating and connecting.

I have kept the Kate Forster books page because I think that’s who I really am and I like to share writerly, fun, beautiful things. This is my wheelhouse now, and how I strive to live my life.

Stepping out of the game, turning my back on the past, and looking forward to what’s coming.

The weeks good news is; I helped a sad dog, who had been used for breeding, find a lovely forever home.

I also have a super fun meeting about a potential super fun project.

I’m also losing body fat, a shout out to Penny from Active Nutrition.

I went to a gorgeous little book party for Pip Lincolne’s new book – Craft for the Soul. If you want a perfect book to inspire you or someone else, then get this one.

My dear friend got amazing news and a cheque for $4.5 million dollars. Yes, you read that correctly. Yes. It’s that much money.

I got my writing vibe back after a chat with a gorgeous editor of a few of my books.

And finally, I let go of that person that I used to be so I can become the person I supposed to be.

Peace out.





6 thoughts on “Open the gate and walk through”

  1. Love you Kate… are,an amazing woman…..I think I might have said that before!!!!!!
    Just keep on keeping on and we will all be happy….
    Love you words… YOU too….
    You know who wrote this !
    It’s Pappy…….

  2. Well we can all just email you or ring you up or things like that. Or comment here! Pals find a way, right?

    Sorry people are snotty. They just haven’t learnt how to hack their snotty default… They need to get amongst themselves, don’t they?

    Thanks for bringing yourself and your equally outstanding family-type-peeps to my party.

    Love to you. x

  3. Personally I just can’t be arsed with Fakebook. Too much hassle and effort for me.
    So glad you’ve found a nice home for a lovely dog. It’s so sad that there are so many animals in dire situations. I can’t bear thinking about them…
    And what an amazing windfall for your friend! The best part about it, I think, wouldn’t be all the things you could buy (although I’d be up for the challenge….) but rather the fact that it’d give you the freedom not to worry about money anymore knowing that there’d be more than enough for bills etc.

  4. Kate the beautiful , Kate the bloody brilliant writer and friend… You posted this the day I ” found out “…..the planets were spot on
    Love you darling

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