How to get your creative mojo back

Yesterday I cleaned up the bookmarks on my computer. So many dead blogs! Where do good blogs go to die? Why do people stop writing their blog?

Perhaps life gets in the way. Perhaps it’s served its purpose. Perhaps they lost faith in their words.

I know this feeling of losing faith, but mine has been around writing in general. There were no stories to write when my life demanded me to be front and centre in the drama of last year.

I was thinking about ways to stir the creative pot, fill the well, get high on your creative supply, so to speak. Here are a few ideas that work for me.

  1. Meditate – I know, it’s clichéd, but it works. Listen to a guided one, if you need to. There are no rules. Clearing your mind of the clutter means new creative ideas can emerge.
  2. Read a book – Losing yourself in another’s ideas is a surefire way to charge your own idea machine.
  3. Go to a gallery – This is my go-to for inspiring myself. You can’t be bereft of ideas when surrounded by creativity en masse.
  4. Go to a bookstore – Look at all the ideas!
  5. Move your furniture – Is it Feng Shui or just having a new perspective? Either way, it works.
  6. Write down all the ideas you have – let them marinate for a day or two. The one you can’t stop thinking about is the one to pursue.
  7. Cook something ambitious – the process is meditative, do the work and you have a delicious outcome.
  8. Write a short story – Remember when a teacher said the next task was creative writing and you did a silent fist pump. Do that. It’s not for anyone to read, it’s just to get back into the space.
  9. Reread a childhood book – Why did you love it so much? Go back and find out.
  10. Spend some time with a creative person – Who is the most creative person you know? Hang out with them for the day. It’s infectious.

And there is my list. You might have your own list. If you do, share it with us. Creatives unite and may your day be filled with good ideas.


4 thoughts on “How to get your creative mojo back”

  1. Here I am again on a Monday, Dutty…..I feel as though I need to see your words on this day……Monday is usually quite ordinary….gym …. Coffee, walking back home…..even though it’s cold…..I love to exercise…..just to keep me on the strait and narrow……love you always…..Pappy

  2. Love these ideas… I do a few of those already but geez I laughed at the moving furniture bit. My husband just groans when he sees me walking around with the tape measure now… I also like to go for a walk in my favourite gardens, I find Mother Nature pretty inspiring x

    1. Always time to move furniture. I once made my husband move a wardrobe at midnight, the day before I gave birth. He told me, in pure frustration, that ‘Sometimes I make him want to poop his pants.’ It still makes me laugh.

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