Turn the page

This is a shoutout to a main girl in my life who lifts me up, like an emotional plastic surgeon.

I don’t know anyone quite as remarkable as you.  There is something bewitching about you that draws people in. Thankfully you use this for good and not evil, not everyone is as virtuous as you (namely me).

When people meet you, they always ask me about you. ALWAYS. I used to think that you could start your own religion, you know the sort; you would own thirteen orange Rolls Royces, a soothsayer parakeet perched on your shoulder, while saying ‘bite me’ to the ACA reporter.

You know so many of my shameful secrets. Only you and the Good Doctor know them and it better fucking stay that way, ya hear me bitch? 😉 I trust you.

Our friendship is equal, reciprocal, and beautiful. Remember when we had lunch on my birthday last year, and we said getting ready was like going on a date. So much luurrv.

Your hilarious stories are part of my tales now. ‘This friend of mine…’ I always say, and then proceed to regale them with your content, which is always much funnier than mine.

Words, puns, and in-jokes never seem to stale with us.

I don’t know anyone who laughs at themselves and is so upfront about their flaws than you, and all it does is just makes you shine brighter.

An amazing cook, an inspiring mother and partner. A seriously stylish chick, with a brilliant eye for detail and colour.

So here’s the thing. There is no battle to be won, nothing to fight. Be calm, and think of it only as the thing getting a head start. You can catch up. I’ve seen how swiftly you can move for chocolate.

This is not your whole story, only a chapter in your book of love.

When unsure, watch this video below, sing the song, call me, and we can laugh about that time you got stoned, sat in my bathroom, reading a Gary Larson cartoon on the wall, and  laughed in there for about an hour  straight.


I love you more than you will ever understand.

The light of God shines through that face of yours!



6 thoughts on “Turn the page”

  1. I would be so amazed and humbled if anyone wrote that about me! You’re both lucky to have each other in your lives. Friendship like that is hard to find (and keep). And being able to express it is one of the best things about being a woman. Not many men could put those feelings in to words (bless their cotton socks).

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