Monday thoughts.


I am writing a new book, which means I am living part time in this world. It’s always a shock to come out of rabbit hole I have sent myself down and emerge  into the reality of this life I lead.

To break the back of the book, I was been  sleeping about five hours a night for the past few days and the result is a state in my head that reminds me why I would not survive having small children now.

Last night I could barely cope with the rabbit lifting her ramp up with her head, and then letting it drop down, for her own shits and giggles.



I believe that if you’re an asshole, it’s usually because you haven’t had enough sleep. I read that most despot and evil world leaders had sleep issues.  I get it. It’s enough to turn your head all the way around.

Life is kind of weird right now. As my brother recovers from cancer, one of my close girlfriends has been diagnosed with the disease; now she is the first thing on my mind every morning.

The second is the book.

The third is my responsibilities that day.

Sometimes I think it best to just get house and life stuff done and put away so then I can write but when is it ever really done and if you give it too much attention it turns into procrastination.

Last weekend I Marie Kondo’d my house. Do you know of her book? She’s this feisty Japanese woman dedicated to stopping you from suffocating in your own stuff.

A trip to the tip and two boot loads of charity donations and now the house is zen. It’s no coincidence that this happened before I started the new book.

Here is my piff pile and my wardrobe post Kondo.



It’s surprisingly easy to do Marie’s method, and I Kondo’d my whole house in a weekend while Dave did the shed. Now there is no excuse to procrastinate, which is why I was able to spend the last week researching and plotting. What a luxury! It’s like having a good rehearsal period before a play.

Now I’m off to write while the rabbit sits at my feet, trying to eat my power cord.


Happy Monday to you all.




4 thoughts on “Monday thoughts.”

  1. Hi Dutty… doing a bit of struggling myself….had a big fall in a dark place in Sandringham….my left arm is in a sling….cracked shoulder….pain !!!! Not used to it….
    Going to the doctor again to check it out soon….xxxx
    Love Pappy

  2. I’m afraid that my attempts at decluttering my house are rather like my attempts at losing weight. I’ve noticed that they seem to follow a similar pattern. Firstly – get into a panic at how out of control house/body is. Then I choose a method of attack – eg Karen Kingston’s “Clear you clutter with Feng Shui” or FlyLady “Clean your sink – you can do anything for 15 minutes, remember baby steps” Then I enter the honeymoon period. ” I can do this, I feel much better, I can keep this up” followed by daydreams of how great things are going and unrealistic goals. Then, in a few weeks time I go though the amnesia stage where I forget all about what I’m trying to accomplish and go back to my slovenly ways…… I hope that you are more successful than me.

    Love your rabbit. My daughter adopted 2 rescue bunnies about 3 months ago and one looks just like your’s. Unfortunately they’ve destroyed quite a few electrical cords as well as carpet and she’s trying to keep them occupied to keep them out of mischief. She bought them this toy on the Internet and they love it. They had to learn how to move the windmill in order to get their treats,21007

    1. Actually it’s been easier than the other tidy house systems I’ve tried. I haven’t regressed yet. I don’t know why. It just sort of works.
      Our rabbit eats cords also. We have put some cord protector around them now, as it’s cost me two computer chargers! They are so cute though. rabbits are the funniest little animals, with their binkies and sassy attitudes.

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