Chief Space Dicker


Recently, I heard a story of a man who cleared his brother’s computer history of porn after he took his own life. It wasn’t that the porn was shameful, he just knew his parents would go through the history to try and find a reason for their son’s decision, and he didn’t want their memory to be tainted.

I was thinking about this and how I sometimes fall into an internet black hole, that leads me into intense paths of learning and timewasting.

When I flicked through my history tonight, I found I had read about:

A couple who adopted twenty children.

Suicides after leaving a Hasidic sect in the Jewish community.

I’d listened to a song sung by John Inman from Are You Being Served?

Watched a video on how to turn your phone to a 3D hologram

I’d searched for Bronwyn Bishop’s age. (She’s 72.)

I’d listened to a podcast- Is the fear of death really what motivates everything we do in life?

I read about Gisele supposedly wearing a burqa to go shopping, which makes no sense.

I researched transhumanism and the theory that life is just a simulation.

Then I flicked through some of the 1,000,000 images released by the British Library which are free for us to use and modify.

God, no wonder I can’t always get a single thought together. This is my brain. My brain is my computer history. This is transhumanism. I am a 3D hologram. I need a burka over my computer. I need Bronwyn Bishop to fly me out of my own head.

See? I’m losing it.


Happy Sunday!



2 thoughts on “Chief Space Dicker”

  1. Well, thanks for that – I had to go down those rabbit holes, didn’t I? Transhumanism – slight disturbing, I feel like I’m reading how we will become extinct (ahem, enhanced), but that’s okay – it’s biological and technological evolution and perfectly normal. The hologram is totally awesome, as are the 1,000,000 creative commons images. Totally useful afternoon I’d say :-), so thanks for that, again.

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