The Perils of Working from Home

  •  You get left ALL the jobs by the family, including washing, cleaning up kitchen, feeding animals, school drop-offs, and more
  • You get distracted by a messy house
  • You leave house messy, for too long
  • You look for all the answers in the fridge
  • You wear stretchy clothes so often you don’t realise you’ve put on 20 kilos
  • You are nearly smothered in the ironing when entering laundry
  • You get up at 4am and end up working
  • You come home from school drop off, sit down to work, glasses on head, put them on, stare and the screen, wonder why it’s so dark and small, and realise you’re wearing your sunglasses
  • My children think I can still pick them up and drop them off. I still have to explain why I can’t every single week
  • My children text me and ask ‘What are you doing?’ I no longer answer
  • My children ask me what I’m doing tomorrow, when I have been working the same days for months. I no longer answer this question
  • You pretend your camera is broken on your computer, so you don’t have to brush your hair for a Skype call
  • Birds outside your window have become annoying, You think about making a slingshot
  • You drink too much coffee
  • You don’t eat lunch
  • You binge on food at 5
  • You are still working after dinner
  • You get asked to run errands during the day by family
  • You don’t have to clean up after dinner because you’re ‘working’
  • No one laughs at your jokes
  • No one talks to you (Also no one talks to you, which can be good)
  • You have a lovely office, but work from the sofa
  • You’re insanely productive
  • You’re insane
  • People ring you and asks if you’re working today. Yep, same as I was the other days, and the days before that, and when you asked last time
  • Rinse, dry, repeat.

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