Everyone is doing their thing, this is mine.

Conversations with beloved friends about locking down your life. Not letting the bad energy in, or the crazy. Hence why I have moved to a house with a gate, a buzzer and a high fence, and I have raised the bar on my bullshit tolerance quota.

I often quote Elizabeth Gilbert

Try to lead a smaller, bigger life, is what I always advise – if that makes sense. Smaller materially, bigger in spirit and freedom.

Not that I think I have any answers about anything. Right now I’m working three jobs because I really need the money, and dealing with a lack of inspiration for my book and script writing but I’m still happy, you know? Life isn’t perfect but it’s interesting, and creating some walls to corral what’s needs your attention is vital. “Setting boundaries,” some people who know psychology call this practise. I call it, “The More You Yes, The More You Stress Syndrome.”

In my bigger smaller life right now, I am watering my ferns by putting them outside in the rain and trying to stop the rabbit from eating my Peace Lily. She did successfully eat the internet cable, though.

I am watching Planet Earth 2 and seeing all the little stories in the animal world. The Hero’s Journey is for everyone, even the smallest creatures clinging to life on a leaf.

Dave and I are channelling Dickon and Mary Lennox, and are now encouraging the seed which are shyly showing their faces, ready to cover the bald spots of the lawn. Little white agapanthus, and nasturtiums, now sit up, hopeful and proud, in our once unloved, walled garden.

I am reading Marilyn Hacker, whom I believe is the shadow to Mary Oliver’s light. I don’t think I have read a more devastating poem about when a love nearly topples us.

I am watching The Night Manager, and can’t see Tom Hiddleston with anyone else but Taylor Swift. Also, he has lips like string.

I have been enjoying Pinterest again. Come say hi! I come and go, depending on my headspace but I enjoy opening it. I feel myself calming down when I see all the lovely pictures I save. My friend Anna and I were mad scrapbookers in our youth. Interiors, Sloane’s, Lady Diana, silver teapots and preppies forever!







2 thoughts on “Everyone is doing their thing, this is mine.”

  1. It’s tricky, isn’t it, getting the balance right? Knowing when to say “yes” and then feeling okay about having boundaries and saying “no”. I like the idea of a bigger, smaller life. Cheers. Tania xo

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