A Feminist Headache

I have a headache from the unfairness of it all.

The men who said women should be decorative objects with skills in creating decorative arts and nothing more.

The men who said we couldn’t vote.

The men who wouldn’t let us run in the marathon, or for office, or for the right to choose for our bodies.

The men who drowned the female babies at birth.

The men who ran us over when we asked to vote.

The men who put us in asylums when we complained about the inequality of it all.

The men who claim we’re insane when we bleed.

The men who insisted we either bear children or become nuns.

The men who call us fat when they disagree with us.

The men who claim women aren’t funny.

The supposedly funny men masturbating in dressing rooms in front of frozen, frightened women.

The men who demand silence during and after the unwanted act in the street, the office, the bedroom, the bar, the carpark.

The men who call us names from cars.

The men who say, ‘Not all men.’

The men who compete with us and hate us when we win.

The men who won’t pay for their children’s shoes because they hate the mother.

The men who are bald and doughy, yet tell a woman she is ugly if she won’t have sex with him.

The men who don’t make other men accountable.

The men who don’t listen when a woman says they are scaring them.

The men who won’t pay the same for a day’s work.

The men who say they are ‘babysitting’ their own children.

The men who claim they love their wives but fuck the young girl at the work function.

The men who claim they are feminists yet watch and laugh at women trying to pay their rent by doing sex acts in a bar.

The men who make statements about what sort of men their daughters can date or marry, as though the girls will not be able to make up their own minds.

The men who tell women they are not enough for a job, so must give sexual favours to be considered enough for the job.

The men who say they want their wife to be a stay at home mother, yet doesn’t contribute to her super fund the same as he does his own.

The men who hate women with power.

The men who hate women with a voice.

The men who hate women.

I’m tired but not defeated. Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more. Never give up. Never apologise for being a woman.  This is our time.




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