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A Model Actress

Last night I was reading a magazine when I noticed every advertisement had an actor instead of a model. I know this isn’t new, but there were so many Hollywood faces in a row.

First there was Michelle Williams for Dior. Wearing her coat backwards, like Kriss Kross from the 80’s.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 8.31.31 pm

Next was Marion Cotillard, who has a touch of Greyscale on her right arm. Poor chérie, she must have touched a stoneman.


Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 8.31.48 pm

Then we have Bella Kristen Stewart,  who has a jawline is like a Toblerone and a vintage camera in tow, for that indie feel.



Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 8.31.55 pm

Natalie Portman, who is wearing a lot of lipstick. You know she’s a vegan, right? Is Dior lipstick vegan?  She has to wear vegan shoes and for the record, vegan shoes are terrible. Bad shoes bring down an outfit. Vegan shoes bring down a country.


Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 8.32.07 pm

And finally Eva Mendes, who set back women’s right with her tracksuit pants comments of recent times, and is also the baby mama of the Gosling gosling.




There are many others but these were the ones in my magazine.

So actresses are now models, and models are now actresses. And it seems the trend isn’t stopping. Suki Waterhouse, model and part time beard, is now an ‘actor’. Kate Upton is ‘acting’, although her latest TVC for some game is the worst thing since Cindy Crawford in Fair Game.

It’s a lot of pressure on the actresses, isn’t it? To be model body ready?

No wonder they exist on air and Diet Coke.

Happy Friday.


Love It List –  Homewares Edition!

Too often on lifestyle blogs, I see the same items over and over, in similar style homes. Trends can’t be avoided but many of us fall under the spell of the status symbol homeware label. There are so many gorgeous things that don’t have to have the a premium price or status label attached, you just have to be open to them. They are accents not always the focus.

As a Taurus woman, I love my home, and I love making it gorgeous. Here are a few things that I love, for you consideration.

(This post was not sponsored in any way, it’s just stuff I like and wanted to share!)

Tablemats – I want to buy these for summer time eating. They’re kitsch and fun and we all need some tropical in our lives. They’re $25 and from Zara Homewares.

Cushion  Cover –  These come in fairy floss pink and duck egg blue. They are great as a solid anchor to highlight your more decorative cushions. and are $10. Yep. $10. It’s from Ikea and machine washable.

Double Boiler –  It sits over your saucepan. It’s easy to wash. It’s $8. It’s from Ikea.The end.

Bedsheets – Once you’ve tried Laura Ashley sheets you won’t go back and they’re often on sale. This queen sized set is currently 65% off. Down to $82. Yep. For a fitted, flat and two pillow case set.

Glass rabbit jar – From Target. Fill with eggs for the perfect little gift. Jar is $10. Eggs are cheap. Life is fun.

Organiser Board – I really want this even though I have nowhere to put it but I love things and I love things with sections. It starts at $26 from Pottery Barn. You buy the pieces you want and add on. So organised! Bliss.

Jute Basket – Is it a waste paper basket? Is it a magazine holder? Is it pot plant holder?
It’s whatever you want it to be and it’s only $9.95 and it’s machine washable. From H&M Homewares.

Tablerunner- I’m a sucker for a print, especially Persian or Moroccan or the like. 100% cotton. $45. Machine washable. Will even look better as it ages. Boho table from Zara Homewares baby.

Colander – I have one of these. It’s ace. $15. Ikea.

Spinning Library Table – It’s so beautiful and so expensive but I just wanted to show the book lovers on this blog. How fun would it be to curate these shelves. Would you do colour? Or genre? Or book design?
pour yourself a vodka tonic and get spinning and shelving. Yes, it’s $898. No, I don’t have one. Yes, I want one. No, I’m not getting one.