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Hello all,

After a long hard think, and a sincere lack of time, I have decided to only post on my Facebook page. You can link here to read about news, what’s going on in the world, my ideas, my books, other people’s books, red carpets, and other guff.

It’s been rich and real, and amazing but I am personally getting to the point of just to many social media points to manage. It’s the Marie Kondo method for social media.

Thanks friend. Come to Facebook and say hi.

Love your work!






Goal Digger

Have you set some goals for 2016?

Are there things you want to learn this year?

Do you have any idea how you’re going to make them happen?

Let me confess that I used to be coached by one of the best, Domoninque Bertolucci, and have done some major goal setting in my past life as a business owner.

But when I became unwell and started to write books, I stopped goal setting. I stopped for a myriad of reasons, but mostly because the depressed brain says that “Goal setting is for winners, and you’re a loser, so don’t even try.”

I remembered the other day how much I like goal setting but going after goals is very difficult when you’re in a bad place emotionally and financially. Plus, many of the goal setting forms are business based, or personal focussed, so I thought I would create something that was geared towards creative goal setting.

It is a one-year creative strategy plan. I’ve based it on a plan that works but I’ve tailored it for the creatives. Whether you’re a writer, an artist, or a musician; any creative soul can use this plan to be able to focus and have some perspective on their work and their year ahead.

Have a crack at it, and have a wonderful 2016 and may the muse be ever on your shoulder, whipping you and your work into shape.

You can download them here.

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