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Let’s Get Lost

On Saturday, I went on a road trip to visit my Mum with the eighteen-year-old who didn’t stop talking all the way there and all the way back.

I was hoping for a sing along type of trip but she wanted to talk about the state of the nation, and by ‘nation’, I mean, her life.

If you ever want to find out what your children are thinking, feeling, wanting, hating, wishing for, then take them on a car trip that takes longer than an hour and a half.

So of course, she talked about everything, and tears and laughter flowed (really!)

I suppose now is the time to let you know that I have this habit of easily getting lost because I don’t take any notice of where I am heading or where I have been. (Yes, I get the symbolism of this statement)I even get lost in car parks.

Once, at Melbourne Central, I lost my car and had to get the security officer to drive me around in a golf cart while I randomly clicked my ignition keys to see if my car lights turned on.

Once, I dropped my husband in Port Melbourne, and on the way home, I got lost and ended up over the West Gate Bridge.

So naturally, while listening to the live audio book of The Life and Times of Tansy G, we ended up in the wrong town.  Really!

We went to the wrong frickin’ town.

*Please note, I was actually crying at the moment we passed the turn off to our destination, because Tansy was talking about something super sad, can’t remember what it was now, but I was crying and telling her I just wanted a sing along trip and look at what she had done.

So we ended up somewhere else, which, to be honest, we weren’t entirely unhappy about because we saw this when we drove through the main street.


And the sugar-coated fairies were serving these little beauties.



And we decided that it was meant for us to go to the donut van by Lake Weeroona, because hot jam donuts are the traditional road food, and when in country Victoria, you have to assimilate.

You just have to!

Or perhaps were never lost. Perhaps we just needed the extra time to talk, to listen, to grieve about the last time we drove to there, when my Dad was told there was nothing to be done for his troubles, and the time when my brother was taken from there to Xanadu HQ, so his troubles could be fumigated by chemotherapy. Perhaps we needed to talk about courage and loss, and how we all have moments in life where we have to step up and be present, and the other times, when we can only think about getting through the next hour of life.

Or perhaps we just needed a hot jam donut.

A Mini Bairnsdale Book Festival

This weekend I went to Bairnsdale for a book event called When Fact Meets Fiction, arranged by the human dynamo, Kylie Miller.


I was on a panel with William McInnes, Chris Uhlmann, Belinda Hawkins, Nick Place and Anne Crawford.


Laugh? Yes, so much my face hurt. Learn? Yep, I did. Listen? Yes, yes, and yes.

Chris Uhlmann’s political anecdotes were insightful and hilarious. William McInnes is a male Sheherazade, Belinda Hawkins was passionate but fair and so interesting that I wanted to whisk her away and pepper her with questions about everything. Nick Place was part raconteur and part writing sage and Anne Crawford was a study of measurement and intelligent observations. Me? I dunno, just my usual schtick but it was fun to listen to the others.


What a night! 165 people attended. Wine was flowing. Conversation was limitless, it was great to meet readers, and Collingwood won.


We also stayed at a wonderful house, right on the water. It was so beautiful, although very, very cold in the morning.


It was the first time the four of us have been away as just us, in years and we had the best time. My dogs loved the new smells and chasing the birds.

Laziness, laughter, naps and games. I did a little writing. Dave took photos of piers n’ stuff, the kids went to bed early by choice, and the house had a coffee machine.

Nirvana, right?


A huge thank you to Kylie Miller, Di and Duncan Johnston at Collins Booksellers in Bairnsdale and to everyone who turned up and celebrated books.

Happy Monday!