Hipsters on Trial

In my avid research on the web, I happened across this hilarious site, which I have to share with you.

Unhappy Hipsters – It’s Lonely in the Modern World.

Using photos that come primarily from Dwell magazine, it captions them with wry wit, not seen enough in copywriting these days.

I look at these magazines, hell I even buy a few, but as much as I admire the hipster aesthetic, I prefer comfort to design.

It reminds me of a couch that a hipster friend bought many years ago. So goddamned uncomfortable but so, so fashionable. I remember we all sat along its hardened base, as though we were waiting for a bus. Our backs straight and our feet flat on the floor. We looked like we were small poodles, begging on our hind legs. The Director and I still laugh about it when we drive past the shop, ten years later.

Stay comfortable hipsters.


How To Be Glamorous 101

Here’s what I love about the web. Google “How to be Glamorous” and there are 424,000 entries. God Bless Google.

Hints include –

  • Fabulous hair, all the time.
  • Flawless skin
  • Flawless makeup (choose between eye or lips for heavy application but never both)
  • Have a unique and interesting hobby or interests
  • Add elements of glamor to your everyday
  • Refined manners

I have a friend who has all of these qualities. Seriously, she has an inbuilt glamor vibe that none of her friends can even try and match, me included. I think she would have made an excellent Princess should she have married up. Her mother has the DNA Glamor strain also. Fascinating to watch them together. I swear I can still hear the rustle of pagentry when they approach. It’s a past life issue, I’m sure.



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