Position wanted

Imagine rocking up to your perfect place of employment and saying, “Oi, I wanna job.” and they give it to you on the spot. Nice corner office, expense account which is never audited, every idea or suggestion is applauded and talked about for years after in reverential tones.

Never gonna happen?
Well think about Natalie Portman, the star of the new hit at Venice Film festival, Black Swan. She has swept in and taken the role that Scarlett Johansson and Blake Lively desperately wanted in the Jolie leftovers, Gravity. Without an audition no less in an $80 million dollar epic with RDJ as the costar.

Somewhere Blake Lively and Scarjo are weeping and Natalie, wearing her vegan footwear, doesn’t give a toss. She’s like that, doesn’t want it so much. This is the way to be.
Less ambition, more intention.

Meanwhile. I have my corner office and am planning on laying down three more chapters today, at least. Go Katie, go. Think Natalie and less Blake.

Fashion Politics 101

I find the politics of Hollywood far more interesting than the current politics of Australia. We go to vote next weekend and somehow I am not moved by the drama or lack thereof.

What does interest me is Gwyneth wearing Posh’s fashion label. I though Goop was far beyond Posh Spice? Don’t try and tell me it’s because she likes the clothes, pluhhease!
Always a motive with Goop, trust me.

It reminds me of celebrities who wear Marchesa. Georgina Chapman is one of the designers, failed actress and skinny wife of larger Miramax chief, Harvey Weinsten. The stars where Marchesa to keep Harvey happy. Kate Beckinsdale wears it often. She wears it to the supermarket. The eternal overdresser. Bless.

Blake Lively
pulled on a Marchesa as though to say, I am not jut a TV star, I am also a film actress. Next thing you know she is in Green Lantern.

Clothes are currency in Hollywood, so this is why I am fascinated to see Goop wearing Posh.
Stay tuned.

Before I speak, I have something important to say.

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