Sex, New Moon and the London Review of Books

A New Moon in Scorpio this weekend. A perfect time to manifest more sex and play with your esoteric tools. Think Tarot, tealeaves and Tinkerbell.

On this note, I present to you a selection of personal ads from the London Review of Books. I bought both volumes yesterday and hope to bore everyone with these small vingettes of literary perfection.

A personal favorite: Tall, handsome, well-built, articulate, intelligent, sensitive, yet often grossly inaccurate man, 21. Cynics (and some cheap Brentwood psychiatrists) may say ‘pathological liar’, but I like to use creative with reality’. Join me in my 36-bedroom mansion on my Gloucestershire estate, set in 400 acres of wild-stag populated woodland. East Ham. Box no. 0620

Or this: Straight line. Straight line. Funny line. Sucker punch. Busy man, 36.

And finally this: English lecturer, 44. Modelling himself on The Fonz in an entirely non-ironic way since 1979.



West Egg Casting Call

I was thinking and talking about The Great Gatsby yesterday or was it the day before?

The dates aren’t important, what is relevant is that Baz Lurhmann is making his own film version of the novel. I am shattered and fascinated. As a metaphor for the great American dream, it is wonderful but I don’t believe that The Great Gatsby translates well onto film.
I think Baz will get Catherine Martin to make the film look amazing, the Jazz Age is right up her tin pan alley and then he will get all soundtrack crazy and then bam! We have a movie, all style no substance. (*sigh)

Casting so far –

Leonardo Di Caprio as Jay Gatsby.

Topher Grace as Nick Carraway

And the actresses vying for Daisy Buchanan are Scarjo, Blake Lively, Keira Knightly, Amanda Seyfried, Michelle Williams and Abbie Cornish.

My thoughts?

Thanks for asking, well Amanda Seyfried actually. Looks like Daisy and she can act despite what we saw in Mamma Mia. And maybe Keira Knightly, just because she has the breeding thing down pat.

Blake Lively? Hell no. Thrown in Leighton Meister as Jordan Baker and we can have a Gossip Girl remake.

But still…I’m finding it hard to deal with. The economic crisis sees the rise in sales of The Great Gatsby and Ayn Rand‘s – Atlas Shrugged. *yawn.

A  film takes one to two years to make and release. Will it be relevant in two years?

Where will the economy be then? Will we care?

I don’t think society really cares that much now.  This is why shows like Glee are so popular and Jackass 3D. People want to escape, not be lectured.

Entertainment Vs Education.

Entertainment always wins. Always. Think Busby Berkeley musicals post WW1 and MGM musicals post WW2.

Colour and movement people and a some frocks and a song. This will bring the people in.

Before I speak, I have something important to say.

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