I dropped the smallest one off to school early for camp. He complained it was too early, I stressed the importance of not missing the bus.

The truth was, it was a little early but I am so excited to not have anyone at home today. When I walked back into the house I raised my hands in the air in celebration.
For the past week I have had one child home or the other and then yesterday husband worked from home.
Do you think I managed to do any writing?

The coffee is made, the fave web pages are surfed and now onto the fun.

Ah, peace, how I have missed you.


Parisian Leopard

Image from The Satorialist

Leopard print has never done it for me. Animal prints in general scare me. I will honest and say I judge people harshly when I see them in leopard print, particularly as a home decorating item…until now.

Now who was the genius who thought to put midnight blue and leopard together? I have not seen it done before and this Parisian style go-getter has just made me rethink my leopard print aversion.

While I still would not wear it, I will accept it on this stylish woman, because the blue tones it down, makes it whimsical instead of predatory.

Midnight blue is an underrated colour. I wish people would embrace it more. (*sigh)

There is perfection in this photo.
The shoes, the gold pendant, the stance, the sunglasses. Oh mon Dieu, only in Paris my friends, only in Paris.

Before I speak, I have something important to say.

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