Gaga for Fashion

Good times this morning over my perfect cup of tea as I trawled the Vanity Fair Best Dressed List for 2010. A refreshing lack of film stars and instead some crazy Royals. Check out the Duchess of Alba. Miss Havisham rises again. The woman has some nerve I tell ya, but then if I had 44 noble and 150 hereditary titles I would do as I pleased. She could play Lady Gaga’s grandmother. Love it.

I am off to lunch with a star and discuss a TV show idea today. Who knew? I chose the restaurant, Donovans. Beachy yet fab. Think the Hamptons in St Kilda.
This way, if nothing comes of it, I will have a lovely lunch to remember.


Bag Lady

So I have been watching this bag recently. It is by a designer called Simone Camille. According to Net- A -Porter, Simone is an L.A stylist and globetrotter.
I love these vague descriptions of people. Here’s mine:

-Kate is Melbourne based author and tea leaf reader.
-Kate is a writer and enjoys long walks on the beach with her dogs.
-Kate is novelist and a mother of two divine children.

Always trying to be glib and clever. Reality check please.

-Kate is a new writer who trolls high fashion news while wearing a fence paint splattered tracksuit to write in.

Back to the bag. The bag, which I did consider buying for about ten minutes, has recently been seen on the shoulders of Julia Roberts and our resident Boho queen Nicole Richie. Now I am over the bag. No doubt chain stores like Witchery, Sportsgirl and TopShop will soon be filled to the roof with cheap replicas of the bag and you wont be able to tell shit from clay.

You disagree? Remember the morality tale that was the Chloe padlock bag. Here one minute everywhere the next. Fakes, real, whatever, it didn’t matter the bag was done and those who loved it had to sadly pop in the bag of the wardrobe to save for another decade or so.

Meanwhile good news from my world. A two book deal with Penguin in Australia for fiction. Who knew?

I can’t wait to start work I tell ya.

Happy days to you.

Before I speak, I have something important to say.

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