Parisian Leopard

Image from The Satorialist

Leopard print has never done it for me. Animal prints in general scare me. I will honest and say I judge people harshly when I see them in leopard print, particularly as a home decorating item…until now.

Now who was the genius who thought to put midnight blue and leopard together? I have not seen it done before and this Parisian style go-getter has just made me rethink my leopard print aversion.

While I still would not wear it, I will accept it on this stylish woman, because the blue tones it down, makes it whimsical instead of predatory.

Midnight blue is an underrated colour. I wish people would embrace it more. (*sigh)

There is perfection in this photo.
The shoes, the gold pendant, the stance, the sunglasses. Oh mon Dieu, only in Paris my friends, only in Paris.


Gwyenth Paltrow’s astrology chart is an interesting one. Sun in Libra, Moon in Gemini and Ascendant in Pisces.
WTF does it mean?

Libran sun peeps often deliberate on making the decision. They go through the pros and cons list before they decide more than any other signs. Certainly not like their Aries friends, who just ram right into life. The Librans achieve more through charm and class than through aggression, but make no mistake, they know what they want and you will give it to them eventually.
Gwyenth’s like that, as much as the world claims to dislike her and her Goopy newsletter, still we tune in and turn up, just for a moment in Gwyenth’s light.

Her Moon in Gemini gives her the ability to do many things at once. It also gives the Gemini Moonie a wonderful written and speaking ability. The down side is they can be a little highly strung. I get that about Gwyneth, she reminds me of a dressage horse.

The Pisces Ascendant is fascinating. The Ascendant is the mask we wear to the outside world. With this in Pisces, Gwyneth seems all spiritual and probably she is to some level but its more sentimental than practical. Dreamers, artists and psychics have this talent but they can fall victim to their own vulnerability.

I wonder about her, what does she want to be and do. Is the Goop/Martha Stewart experiment working? Massive backlash about it, some of it unfair. Her fashion advice is always fun. The long posts about spirituality and parenting I can leave. But can she open a movie?
Maybe with Robert Downey Junior on the billing but who the hell saw Two Lovers?

As for her cooking show with Mario Batali, I can’t warm to him. I think it’s because he wear orange Crocs. Crocs are for children or gardening, end of story peeps. Would Gwyneth wear Crocs? Not on your Nellie.


Before I speak, I have something important to say.

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