Well, Sandra Bullock has rewritten her own narrative. Now when we see her, we won’t be thinking about her Nazi McLovin ex-husband and instead we will all be talking about her little baby. Well played Sandra. How’s that for keeping a secret in a world where privacy is almost non-existent anymore?

I am privately thankful her little one didn’t have to grow up around a man who thinks Nazi-ism is funny and who has affairs with women who have White Power tattooed onto their bodies. Judgmental? You betcha!

But enough with my opinion, what’s happening?
Hopefully the last round of changes has gone. Had to write a pitch to sell myself and the book. Now this was something I could do easily for anyone else but for my novel and I? Seemingly impossible.
I am going to try again today, just as an exercise. It will be the most exercise I have done all week, besides exercising my decorum at all possible times.

Happy Friday lovers.

P.S Again no blog title as it is now translating into Swahili.



I am not a detail oriented person. This is my challenge in life. Somewhere, in the Hall of Honors, where I chose my contract, I forgot to ask if I could have a detail fairy over my shoulder, so now I ask for her help as I feed the changes into my manuscript.

I write fast and furiously. “I bang it out,” as my agent says so I am trying to create a routine of checking each page as I write. This is hard when I am on a roll of storytelling. I want to find out what happens, not check my typos.

Thank goodness for my husband, who has spent the weekend with a red pen and a ream of good ideas and suggestions. He is a details man. This is why we work.

A friend told me of a book he read recently about being a craftsman. A wonderful book, he told me except for one thing. It was filled with typos. So many, that he felt he had to write to the author to alert him to this fact. He had never written a letter to an author before. He is not one of those people who send in letters to the editor just to see their name in print, so I knew it must have been painful for him to read.

So onwards I go, each change helping me to become an better, more careful writer.

* Any typos in this post I blame on my details fairy being MIA. Please forgive me 🙂 and if you see her, send her to my house….please.

Before I speak, I have something important to say.

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