Do the hokey pokey

So the new thing in celebrity world is not the Tupperware of the Enjo party but the Kabbalah party. Word is that Gwyneth Paltrow  recently had one in her crazy beautiful house in the Hamptons. She has her own Pilates and yoga studio BTW. As seen on Oprah.
Is the free gift at a Kabbalah Party a red string for your delicate wrist?

I went to a Tupperware party once as thrown by a fabulous girl as a joke. Secretly we were all happy to enter this world. We all got on the French Champagne and bought our ‘rock and serves’ and then went out dancing afterwards. I received a handy lettuce corer for my troubles as my free gift. I use it now and think of my hangover with fondness.

I like saying ‘Kabbalah party’ over and over. It’s soothing.

Meanwhile, guests at Gwyneth’s included literary agents, restaurateurs and actors.
I cannot think of anyone that I would inflict my beliefs on at a party.
I have to hold myself back form asking people’s star signs. It’s a habit I am trying to break.

Kabbalah party, kabbalah party, kabbalah party…



Well, Sandra Bullock has rewritten her own narrative. Now when we see her, we won’t be thinking about her Nazi McLovin ex-husband and instead we will all be talking about her little baby. Well played Sandra. How’s that for keeping a secret in a world where privacy is almost non-existent anymore?

I am privately thankful her little one didn’t have to grow up around a man who thinks Nazi-ism is funny and who has affairs with women who have White Power tattooed onto their bodies. Judgmental? You betcha!

But enough with my opinion, what’s happening?
Hopefully the last round of changes has gone. Had to write a pitch to sell myself and the book. Now this was something I could do easily for anyone else but for my novel and I? Seemingly impossible.
I am going to try again today, just as an exercise. It will be the most exercise I have done all week, besides exercising my decorum at all possible times.

Happy Friday lovers.

P.S Again no blog title as it is now translating into Swahili.

Before I speak, I have something important to say.

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