Of course it is never as easy as I would hope. Changes abound on the manuscript which is weighted down with pressure from my expectations. No wonder it’s not “zipping along” as expressed. I know it’s true so now I wait for feedback and try to lift my spirits by cleaning my house.

I am a stress cleaner. Now I have finished cleaning and I wait. Waiting, waiting, waiting. There is a a lot of waiting in this game it seems. Good for me as I am impatient.

A stress cleaner and impatient. Wow, what an appealing combination. Not.

Apparently Kirstie Alley cleans her floors with vodka. I heard Dean Martin used to do the same thing but using his own ass as a mop.

*Thought I would throw that in as tidbit for your next dinner party. the first one is true, the second one is for comedic purposes only. ( Will only work if those at table are familiar with Dean Martin’s drinking habits, please feel free to insert other celebrity soak instead of Mr.Martin.)

I wanted to title this post but it is translating it into Arabic. Really. This is not comedy, this is reality.





I did it!
I got an agent and a good one at that. Amazing that all of this leads to that.

The conversation was easy, the topics were varied and when I left my heart was singing.
My favorite moment?
When she said “I just have to find someone who falls in love with it as I have.”
So now it travels to New York, L.A and London! Yep, you heard me. The manuscript will be better traveled than myself in no time.
It feels nice to have someone in my corner.

Meanwhile I have reread the first six chapters of another project. I thought it was terrible so I stopped writing. Today I revisited and read again and besides my normal amount of spelling atrocities, it was better than I remembered. I breathed a sigh of relief and I shut Mr. Doubt up for a moment. Perhaps I can do this ?

So, while I wait for news form across the waters, I continue writing. *Peter Carey sums it up perfectly here, ” You can’t give somebody talent if they haven’t got it. You can’t give anybody the sheer drive if they lack it. And I think we’d all generally acknowledge that it is this particular aspect – drive – that really makes writers, more than even talent, in a way.”

* Please read nothing into the use of Peter Carey as my quote. I do not pretended that I can write like him but I liked this quote. I have drive, plenty of it, I just needed to find my road.

Before I speak, I have something important to say.

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