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Confessions Of A Time Management Addict

I love time management. I love learning about new ways of getting more out of the time you have, and I love trying these systems.

While I don’t always stick to them, I do think it’s good to have a few tricks up your sleeve for when things require a certain type of approach. Here are a few that I use and the circumstances in which I use them.

Here are a few that I use and the circumstances in which I use them.

Pomodoro Technique

No, this isn’t a type of passata receipt used only in tomato season, it is the time management system that works when you are having trouble concentrating, or have a huge, single task ahead of you. Works for writing, studying and even cleaning. Any task that will do your head in if you work on it for a long period of time requires this approach. It’s a brain trainer . So how to do it?

So, how do you get cooking with this tomato clock?

  • Choose a task to be accomplished
  • Set the Pomodoro to 25 minutes (the Pomodoro is the timer, use your phone or an online countdown)
  • Work on the task until the Pomodoro rings, then put a check on your sheet of paper
  • Take a short break (5 minutes is OK)
  • Every 4 Pomodoros take a longer break

Kanban Board

(*Play from .32 secs so you don’t have to listen to crap at the start. you’re welcome.)

This process works really when you have multiple things to do during the day. It was developed for Toyota line-workers to signal the steps in their manufacturing process. This is an easy, one glance system that allows you to see what needs to be done and when and reduces time wasting. I used this last week when I had over 30 tasks to do and was feeling overwhelmed. While it looked someone basic, as I didn’t use a board, I used a large sheet of A3 paper and some sticky notes, I got through it all! It’s kind of addictive to move your task from To Do, then Doing, then finally to Done.

So, how do you use this magic board?

  • Get a board of a large sheet of paper
  • Write down all your tasks on sticky notes
  • Put them in the To Do list column
  • Work on each task and move to each column accordingly

Bullet Journal

This one is for everyday use. It creates a boundary for your day, so you don’t overbook and you can keep track of your life.  For those who know me well, they know I am a huge and loud advocate of the bullet journal. So what is it?

A bullet journal is just a notebook that accommodates a huge variety of planning schemes. You can create calendars and to-do lists, and you can also use it as a diary, a brainstorming notepad, and more. If you’ve ever bought a planner, but didn’t love the design of the pre-printed pages, the bullet journal is your opportunity to make a planner that fits the way your brain works.

The video that launched the bullet journal craze describes a set of conventions that many, but not all, bullet journalers stick to. You create an index to help you find things, a few pages that help you plan the year, and a two-page spread for important dates and tasks for each month. (Many bullet journalers also do a spread for each week.) Then, you write down each day’s plans and events in the form of bulleted lists — hence the name.

I love my Bullet Journal as it’s personal. I can make it what I want and I can pick it up and use it as I nee.  I’m a list maker and I love pens and stationery, so it satisfies both parts of me.

And that’s it for now. I know there are lots of apps but I am a simple soul and these all work for me.







Bullet Journals and Changing Your Mindset

So many new things in my world that I haven’t had time to blog. I usually hate people who say that, as though they’re boasting about being busy and important, but I am not lying when I say I haven’t had time to scratch my bum, so I have started this new logging process called Bullet Journaling.


It is an amazing system, but it does tend to make you see how much you have to get done, as one task leads to another, and then you have a to-do list for life that feels productive if you get it all done, but overwhelming if you’re a bit tired.

For the past five years, I have been in flux in many areas of my life. Now I can plan again. As I said to a friend over the weekend, it feels like the wheel of fortune has turned in my favour again. God knows I’ve been on the bottom, and at times, hanging off the bottom.

So back to the bullet journal. If you Google it you will see 1000 ways to keep this journal but I like to keep it simple. I see it as  a place to log all your thoughts of what you need/want to do. It can be something you want to do tomorrow, or a goal for the next year, or in five years.


When you’re in a bad place, and you’re just surviving, there are no plans,  other than just getting through the week, or even the day at some times, so trying to remember how to dream and make goals is a foreign concept.

Permission to dream is a luxury. Sometimes life is such a clusterfuck of bad luck, bad decisions, illness and external disaster that you can’t breathe for the bad juju, but when things turn around you can start to change your mindset again.

And this is why I’m writing it all down so I don’t forget the good stuff. It can feel like life is slipping past you when you’re struggling mentally or physically, as though you’re in the gutter waving at the parade of good things, and not being asked to join in the celebrations.

So in the Bullet Journal you list everything you have to do for the month. The week, the day and then break it down into lists again.

Your journal is really like a blueprint of your brain. If you have 1000 ideas in a single day, then this is your place for putting them down.

Book ideas. Books to read. Songs to download. Films to watch. Places to visit. Things to look up. The lists are endless. This is your life, so start dreaming and go for it!


*These are not my journals. These images are from Pinterest.